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About Us

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always explored my creativity. In the various fields of work i have dedicated myself to, there is one thing That I have always kept in my heart, which is the desire to create. Over time, my desire to do what really makes me happy has become stronger and stronger. My entrepreneurial skills and dedication were the key to Bechic’s birth. In 2014 finally a dream came true and bechic was born!
Bechic means bespoke and exclusive children’s clothing and accessories. All our items are 100% designed by me and made by me and my amazing team!All the way… from our sunny Portugal.

Today I am proud to say that we work with various partners around the world. Day after day, we strive to create new collections and present to our customers, every season, various collections. Bechic is me and I am Bechic, my goal is always to make my customers happy with our looks! Bechic carries a unique signature that you can find on each of our custom items. Bechic’s golden rule is to always wear the best fabrics, create unique and exclusive clothes and last but not least, never give up on becoming the best!

About Us

I want to thank everyone who is part of the Bechic family! From suppliers, to agents, to our customers, without you, Bechic would not exist! With much love đź’•, Ana Lobo Founder of Bechic

The unique identity of pieces made with much Love. Check out for You, enter the Bechic World…